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Hotel Room Cuisine—Just Add Water

Hotel Room Coffee Pot Cuisine

I spend a lot of time in hotels, many of which don’t have a fridge or microwave. While enjoying the local cuisine is one of my favorite parts about traveling, sometimes I’m short on time—or just need something fast and easy. Here are a few things you can prepare in your room with just hot water.


I always keep herbal tea in my suitcase. My earl grey provides my caffeine fix, chamomile helps me sleep when in a different time zone, and peppermint tea is excellent both warm or cold. Peppermint tea served cold will cool you down, and warm will soothe your sore throat or upset tummy.

Coffee Pot Cuisine

If you have a standard drip coffee pot in your hotel room, you can use it to prepare a larger range of foods than you might think:

  • Steam vegetables
  • Warm instant oatmeal
  • Soft or hard boil eggs
  • Top Ramen
  • Canned soup
  • Lentils and rice

If you are in a kitchen-less room for an extended stay, you can also buy a mini mug-sized pot or pan—and use you or coffee pot burner as a hotplate on which you can cook fish, eggs, grilled cheese, fondue, and a long list of single sized meals.

As silly as this might sound at first, it can provide you with some fast meal alternatives—or the taste of home when you are afar.

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