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What Is The Difference Between A Life Coach And A Therapist?

Life Coach or Therapist

If you have an area of your life or career that you would like to improve, then you may be considering seeking a non-biased outside professional. An unbiased opinion is almost impossible to receive from your friends and family, as they are more likely to tell you what you want to hear—or what they think you should do. So, what is the difference between a life coach and a therapist?

What Is A Life Coach?

A life coach is a certified professional who has undergone a 60 to 100 hour training and certification process designed to help individuals clearly map out measurable goals—including how to overcome their current obstacles. Life coaching is ideal for times of transition, such as when launching a new business or making a career change.

What Is A Therapist?

While a therapist can certainly be of benefit during times of transition, their job is centered around diagnosing and resolving beliefs, behaviors, feelings, relationships, and other problematic responses. Depending on their degree, this may include psychotherapy.

Which One Should You Choose?

Life coaches are ideal when you have a specific goal in mind, but aren’t sure where to begin—or when you are feeling lost, and needs someone to help translate your passions into purpose. In most cases your partnership is short-term.

Therapy is helpful if you have identifiable or unidentified blocks, strong emotional attachment or response, past trauma you have yet to overcome, strained or unhealthy relationships, or interpersonal skills you need to improve upon. The commitment is likely to be more long-term.

If you still aren’t sure which will help you to move forward, schedule a consultation or assessment to discuss your options.

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