Is It Time For A Career Change?

Career Change?

Even if you have a nice nest egg, most of us must work for a living. Nest egg or not, there are some surefire signs that it is time for a career change.

  1. You are no longer, or have never been passionate about your job.
  2. You are no longer, or have never been passionate about your company.
  3. You feel as if you have lost your sense of day-to-day purpose.
  4. You feel bored and unfulfilled at work.
  5. You are undervalued and/or there is no growth opportunity.
  6. You no longer feel positively challenged at work.
  7. You constantly feel unproductively challenged at work.
  8. You find yourself jealous of your friend’s professional successes—meaning you secretly aspire for more.
  9. You daydream about doing something different professionally.
  10. You only stay because it is the “responsible” thing to do.

While you never want to take employment for granted, we easily spend most of waking hours at work—meaning you have the right to love what you do. While there will be days, weeks, and maybe even months were things are stressful or unsatisfying—you deserve to have a job you are excited about, and to work for a company you are proud to call your employer.

So, is it time for a career change?

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