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How To Make Your Homemade Bone Broth Taste Even Better

Homemade Bone Broth

The reasons to make homemade bone broth are many. From decreased inflammation, to improved digestion, reduced cellulite, anti-aging, clearer skin, increased energy, improved sleep—and more! If you find yourself getting bored with your current recipe, try the tips below.

Try A New Base

If you always make beef bone broth, try it with chicken or turkey. If you always make a veggie broth that starts with the basics of onion, carrots, and celery—add in different types of onions, or start adding cabbage, garlic, and other base ingredients to the mix.

Add In Some Herbs And Spices

Adding in a few herbs not only boosts the flavor profile, but also the nutritional profile. From parsley, to basil, and cilantro—to your favorite spice blends. There is no right or wrong, just look for herbs and spices that go well together.

Try Cooking It In A Few Different Ways

Simply switching the same recipe from the stovetop to a crockpot can really boost the flavor profile. As an added bonus, your slow cooker makes cooking your broth a bit easier.

And don’t forget, you don’t just have to drink your homemade bone broth like a tea—use it as your soup base, cook your grains in broth instead of water, and even invest in a bone broth recipe book. This will help your entire family enjoy the healing benefits of broth!

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