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Gourmet Coffee At Home—It’s Cheaper And Tastes Better

Gourmet Coffee At Home

I’ll admit, I love heading to cafés and coffee shops to work on my laptop, but when I look at how much I spend each month on coffee alone—it really adds up. It’s funny though, because I will balk at spending $20 on a bag of gourmet coffee beans, but not at $300+ a month on café coffee. Here’s how to enjoy better coffee at home for less.

Buy Gourmet Coffee Beans That You Fresh Grind At Home

Sign up for a monthly coffee subscription to try full bags of beans or sampler-sized beans. Yes, they will cost $20 or more per bag, but the bag makes 36 eight-ounce servings of standard brew. The key to freshness is to grind your beans daily (or weekly) to enjoy the full flavor and aroma.

Invest In A Standout Coffee Maker

If the goal is to replace your café coffee, then you must upgrade from a standard drip coffee pot—to a café worthy model. In most cases, this will be an upfront investment—but it can save you hundreds (or thousands) each year on your coffee budget. This goes beyond the pods which often serve ho-hum flavored coffees, and aren’t that cheap.

  • If you love a strong black coffee, a modern percolator or French press will do.
  • If you prefer a strong espresso, then an espresso maker it is.
  • If you want your milk steamed, then invest in a pot that steams milk too.
  • If you prefer your coffee iced, then why not invest in an iced coffee maker.

Last but not least, invest in the syrups, liquid flavoring, spices, and toppings that you enjoy in your café coffee—so that you can make your flavors at home too. And don’t forget your stylized at home mugs, and your to-go carafes, mugs, and thermoses.

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