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Are Your Electronics Aging You?

Are Your Electronics Aging You

Who isn’t constantly connected? We all are. But as our electronics become more mobile, our workspaces become less ergonomic instead of more. As a result, your electronics could be aging you.

Computer Neck

I’m working in a hotel right now and in just one day I have been standing to type at a counter that is too low, while sitting on the bed, which is never comfortable for long—and while seated on a couch. What these all have in common, is that I spend the entire day slouching and looking down. This creates fine lines in my neck, that continue to get deeper.

Unnecessary Joint And Muscle Pain

While beauty might be the first thing that comes to mind, constant texting, typing on narrow keyboards, and gaming on mobile devices often leads to muscle strain in the neck and back, and overuse of joints in the fingers, hands, wrist, and arm.

Take Breaks And Go Ergo

To reduce this stress and strain, take frequent breaks, use voice control when possible (even to type), and invest in mobile and in-office ergonomic keyboards, mouse, desk, and chair.

Also, do online search for stretches designed to target your strained areas—and do them daily!

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