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Surprising Sources Of Toxins In Your Home

Surprising Sources Of Toxins In Your Home

If you are searching for more ways to green your life, you might be shocked to learn of some of the surprising sources of toxins in your home. This goes well beyond cleaning products, to items you use every day without second thought.


The candles you burn, air freshening room plugins, room sprays, potpourri and your favorite perfume or cologne—may all be negatively impacting your air quality. Instead, opt for soy candles fragranced with pure essential oils, and ensure your other fragrances are made from 100% natural sources. If you have a difficult time finding natural alternatives, make your own!

Fans, Air Ducts, Window ACs, Humidifiers, And Air Purifiers

If you aren’t mindful of the cleaning, maintenance, and filter changes of these common home appliances—then they may be adding unnecessary dust, dirt, mold, and toxins in the air you breathe.

Your Favorite Skincare And Beauty Products

Aside from perfume and cologne mentioned above, your favorite skincare products may contain toxic preservatives, fragrance, coloring, and chemicals. Make the move to organic product lines so that you aren’t layering the toxins on daily.

While you may not choose to eliminate all of the toxins above, aim to minimize your usage. Also, add more air purifying plants to each room to help eliminate the toxins that inevitably find their way inside.

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