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What Is Really Keeping You Up At Night?

What's Keeping You Up At Night?

If you lay awake tossing and turning at night, the culprit may surprise you. While stress is a common cause of lost sleep, it’s not the only one. Here’s what could be keeping you up at night.

Your Pet

I love snuggling up with my kitty, but sometimes he keeps me up. Either he meows when I move, hogs the bed, or pounces on me at odd hours. If it’s the same is for you, it may be time to shut the door.

Your Late-In-The-Day-Caffeine

Caffeine keeps may help keep you going, but be mindful of cutting off all caffeinated energy drinks, coffee, and tea by at least 3 pm. There are plenty of decaf options to choose from instead.

Your Electronics

Banish your electronics from the bedroom, or at least silence them—and no gaming while in bed. Ditch the bedroom TV while you’re at it.

Temperature Issues

Our body temperature shifts when we lay down, which can make it challenging to sleep—so do what you need to do to get comfortable. This might include wearing socks to bed, or investing in a single-side heating or cooling pad.


You could be dead tired, but if you can’t get comfortable—you can’t sleep. Invest in the sleeping tools, body pillows, or adjustable mattress to make you comfortable. Also, try stretching before bedtime.

Last but not least, minimize secondary distractions such as a noisy fan or AC and invest in room darkening window treatments.

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