Should You Be Friends With Your Ex?

Friends With Your Ex?

Relationships come to an end for several reasons, many of which are not over the top dramatic. But does that mean that you should be friends with your ex?

Are Your Lives Still Interconnected?

If you work together, have children, or a shared social circle—making a clean break is easier said than done. Attempt to minimize contact for the next month or two so that you both have some time to heal.

The Opposite Of Friends Is Not Enemies

Just because you are not friends, doesn’t mean you need to be enemies. It can be hard to imagine your life without someone you have spent the last several years, or months with—but sometimes staying in touch is too hard, or sends the wrong message.

If Your Remain In Touch, You Must Be Clear About Your Intentions

Where things get tricky is when you decide to remain friends but one partner is still holding on to hope that you will get back together—while the other moves on with their life. While it may be challenging for both of you to resist falling back into your comfortable old habits, you must set crystal clear intentions.


If your relationship was fairly short and sweet, you may be able to remain friends with your ex. In most cases though, it is healthier to just move on.

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