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Is Your Schedule Overbooked?

Schedule Overbooked?

It happens to us all, a week or month where you get a tiny bit behind and things begin to snowball—or everything just happens to be scheduled close together. Here’s what to do when your schedule is overbooked.


Freeing up just 30 minutes here and there can go a long way when your schedule is overbooked, so delegate. Think outside the box on this one, such as delegating the parts of a project at work that your assistant can do for you. Don’t have an assistant? Hire a virtual assistant, live assistant, or errand runner. Don’t worry, you can hire them part-time, by the project, or by the hour.

Pause Your Commitments

Now is not the time to add on anything new, especially until you get caught up. If you absolutely must add something before the madness ends, provide a soft deadline—or an extended deadline.

Start Scheduling In Cushion

Sometimes a jam-packed schedule is a result of scheduling several things months or weeks in advance, then realizing that your schedule is mad. To reduce the odds of this occurring, start scheduling in cushion each week. As the week gets closer you can fill the cushion in, or keep it open for quality me time—or time with friends and family.

Last but not least, plan your major and mini vacays well in advance. That way you will have R&R built-in!

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