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Whose House Should You Go To For The Holidays?

Whose House Should You Go To For The Holidays

As fun as they may be when all is said and done, the holidays can be quite stressful. One of the most common stressors is figuring out whose house you should go to for the holidays. Between blended families, out-of-state grandparents, and feuding family members this is never an easy decision. Here are a few ideas.

Alternate Holidays

One way to go is to divide the days and spend one holiday with each family member. Maybe you go to your mom’s house for Thanksgiving, Dad’s for Hanukkah, and your spouse’s parents for New Year’s. Any combination may work.

Encourage Off-Day Holidays

A growing trend that minimizes the 2 or 3 stops in one day stress of the holidays, is to celebrate some holidays on off days. For example, maybe you go to your Grandmas for Christmas Day dinner, but have a second dinner with your in-laws the weekend before or after.

Stay Home

Another option is to reserve your holidays for yourself. As much as you love your family, if holidays are more stress than fun—feel free to stay home. Or maybe it’s not the stress of the holidays, but your desire to create your own family traditions. Either stay home or go on a holiday vacation.

There’s no way around it, someone’s feelings will be hurt. Do what will create the most lifetime memories for you and your partner and kids.

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