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Cut This Not That—What To Cut When You’re Overbooked

What To Cut When You Are Overbooked

It’s hard to determine what to cut when you are overbooked, this list will help.

  1. Don’t work into the wee hours of the night because you need your sleep, and your brain needs to rest a bit before bedtime.
  2. Do go to bed at the same time, but get up 30 to 60 minutes earlier.
  3. TV, social media, and mobile gaming can be cut until you catch up.
  4. A few minutes of brain-break web surfing or cute cat videos can help you transition from one task to the next.
  5. Your scheduled workouts need to stay if anything cut them short 15 minutes or so—but don’t edit them out.
  6. Keep sugar and fried foods to a minimum as they zap your energy and brain function.
  7. Increase your intake of fruits, veggies, lean protein, and whole grains.
  8. Hydrate with water and herbal tea, and avoid increasing your caffeine intake.
  9. Keep your mobile devices, but turn them off for at least one 1 or 2 hour blocks each day. This includes excessively checking your email.
  10. Do make some quality time for your nearest and dearest each day, because life is meant to be lived!

Last but not least, don’t add anything new until you are well caught up.


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