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Why Boredom Is Good For You

Boredom is Good For You

We live in a world where we are constantly connected and pulled in a million different directions at once. So, when you find yourself bored it can be quite a shock. Here is why being bored is actually good for you.

You Might Not Really Be Bored

The problem with jam-packed schedules is that much of what you do is not intentional. When your schedule is packed full of personal and professional obligations, you don’t have the time to consider what you would rather be doing. Having an hour or two of free time might at first feel uncomfortable, but that doesn’t mean you are bored. Instead, embrace your free time and fill it with intentional activities that are all about you.

Being Bored Provides Time To Reflect

Being bored provides an excellent opportunity to contemplate, meditate, and consider what’s next. Take advantage of this rare opportunity when it arises.

Finally, Time To Do What You Never Have Time To Do

Who doesn’t wish they had a bit more time. So, if you are bored, make it count! There is no right or wrong, so do what feels right in the moment. This could be anything from finally cleaning out your junk drawer, calling a friend to catch up, reading a book on your reading list, or anything you never have the time to do.

Next time you feel bored, embrace it—because boredom is good for you!

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