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The Little Things That Matter Most

The Little Things That Matter Most

We all know that we should stop and smell the roses, but it is easy to get so busy that the little things in life just pass us by. We have all experienced the loss of something we loved that we didn’t appreciate until was gone. Here’s to recognizing the little things that matter most while they are right in front of us.


Think back to some of your most memorable moments in life, odds are they weren’t something that you planned ahead of time. Or, if they were during a planned time, they are most often an unplanned spontaneous or organic moment.

Everyday Little Things

When you get up tomorrow, focus on every single little thing you do, see, touch, and feel. Your spouse, your pets, your cozy sheets, coffee, tasty food, and beautiful home, plants, the smile of a stranger who passes by on the street. The more you take the time to notice that you typically pass by without second thought, the more grateful you will feel!

Individual Quirks

Everyone you know has a unique quirk or two, which is often one of the things you love most about them. Maybe it’s their laugh, their happy dance when they are excited, how they respond when watching sports—and anything unique to them. Soak those little things up when you are in person.

It’s the little things that matter most, so make sure you make the time to notice!

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