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Is This Your First Minimalist Christmas?

Your First Minimalist Christmas

If this is your first minimalist Christmas and holiday season you may be considering what changes you want to make from years past. Here are a few things to consider.

Don’t Expect Anyone Else To Change

While the choices you make may be greatly different than in years past, you can’t expect everyone you know to adopt minimalism. Feel free to suggest gift ideas that support your new lifestyle, but don’t get frustrated when others don’t comply. Or suggest that your family draws names this year so that you can participate without the excessive shopping.

Determine Your Priorities

As a minimalist, your new approach is to live a life of intention, so you must determine what each holiday means to you and your family—and create a list of priorities. For many minimalists, your approach to gift-giving changes. This may be in part due to your commitment to financial security, but also to environmental responsibility.

Yes, You Can Decorate!

Remember, minimalism is not about deprivation. Your home may be smaller or less cluttered, but if holiday decorations are something that brings you joy—decorate! Head after Christmas shopping for discounted decorations that will fit into your smaller home, and find the creative storage containers to keep your decorations out of sight during the year.

And if you receive a ton of gifts that don’t fit in your space, don’t fit your lifestyle, or are just too much—donate or regift them with love.

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