Heading To A Party After Work? Dress Down Your Evening Look

Dress Down Your Evening Look

You don’t always have time to run home between work and a cocktail party, special event, or night out on the town. Here’s how to dress down your evening look so that you don’t feel overdressed at work.

Layer When Appropriate

Your cocktail dress might look a bit less formal with a blazer, cardigan, blouse, or top layered on top. Or, slip leggings on underneath your shorter looks to make them daytime appropriate.


Either skip the accessories while at work, or wear your formal accessories when you clock out for the day. Also, go from flats to heels for your evening look.

Kick Your Hair And Makeup Up A Notch

You might not have time to head home to change, you have time to kick your hair and makeup up a notch: darker lipstick, dramatic eyes, perfume, and maybe even a bit of holiday glitter.

Change After Work

If you dress is semi-formal or formal, you may have no other option than to change after work. Be strategic so that you can leave your clothing at work, or change elsewhere without having lots of clothes to lug around with you.

You can also dress down your evening look by sticking with all one color, or the versatile little black dress.

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