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Is Time An Illusion?

Is Time An Illusion?

Time. It is the focal point of most of our days. It is what we are constantly trying to get more of and something we never seem to have enough of. So, what if I told you that time isn’t real? That it’s an illusion created by humans. Is time an illusion?

Time Is A Measurement We Are All Consumed By

There are many benefits to time, such as ensuring we can meet with friends and family at the same time. Without a way to measure time, we would be less productive, but why have we allowed ourselves to be consumed by time?

Making Time Or Taking Time

When we get so caught up in our busy schedules, we don’t always take the time to be present in each moment. What is worse, is that we get so busy that we fail to make the time for the things that matter most.

Being Constantly Connected Increases Our Focus On Time

Being constantly connected makes us more hyper-aware of time than ever, and it seems to be getting worse, not better. Unplugging will help you to focus more on the present moment.

Time is an illusion, but it is something we can’t ignore. However, we can regain our quality of time by taking the time to complete each task in the time it takes, not the time you’ve scheduled.

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