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Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

If you are green and looking for some eco-friendly gift ideas to give your friends and family, or have a green friend who you are stressing about what to get—consider the gifts below:

  1. A gift basket to local artisanal anything— honey, jams, hot sauces, chocolate, wine, and handmade anything.
  2. If they haven’t already, sign them up for a local farm share—veggie, meat, or dairy products.
  3. Solar gadgets for smartphones, camping, outdoor activities, and even for power outages.
  4. A donation to a cause they support on their behalf. If you aren’t sure of a specific cause, any green cause that supports animals or the environment.
  5. An experience: tickets to anything they would enjoy, a one-day class or seminar, vacation, or excursion.
  6. A handmade gift from you.
  7. Plants, seeds, or a gift for their garden.
  8. Reusable home items: mason jars and mason jar accessories, cloth shopping bags, glass storage containers, beeswax food covers, cloth napkins, etc.
  9. Organic skincare, bath, body products, cleaning products, and reusable hygiene products.
  10. If your green friends say they sincerely don’t want a thing, invite them over for dinner instead.

The eco-friendly gifts above will work for almost anyone on your gift list. Don’t forget to used green wrap, such as gift bags, newspaper as wrapping paper, and standard wrapping paper made from recyclables.

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