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Alternative New Year Resolutions

Alternative new Year Resolutions

Only about 8% of people keep their annual resolutions, and most people have a fairly similar list of resolutions that they repeat (and fail at) each year. So why not try a new approach? Here are some alternative New Year Resolutions that are easier to keep.

Green Your Life in 2018

Even if you have already started making healthy green lifestyle changes, set some additional green goals in 2018. Continue making the 1-by-1 small changes, but also commit to a major green change or two—such as planting your first garden, committing to one meat-free day a week, or riding public transportation at least one day a month.

Adopt Some Minimalist Lifestyle Habits

From setting an intention for everything you do to minimizing impulse purchases, actively mixing and matching your wardrobe, or thinking twice before upgrading to the latest smartphone—there are some powerful minimalist lifestyle habits that you can adopt.

Start Each Day With Gratitude

Finding more to be grateful for each and every day is one small thing you can do, that will create a positive ripple effect for you and those you come in contact with on a daily basis. Take time to notice the little things that make each day easier, prettier, more comfortable, more fun, or happier.

These alternative New Year Resolutions aren’t daunting and will have a healthy positive impact on all areas of your life.

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