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Green Gift Wrapping Ideas

Green Gift Wrapping Ideas

You can of course recycle or your wrapping paper and reuse your gift bags, cloth ribbon, and tissue paper, but you may be looking for a few additional green gift wrapping ideas.


If you have fabric remnants use them to wrap your gifts, or use a sarong or cloth napkins to wrap. Get creative by using some furoshiki techniques, the art of Japanese art of fabric gift wrapping. Tulle is also a fun and versatile wrapping paper alternative.

Repurposed Paper

Newspapers, magazines, paper bags, old stationery, or any paper that you can repurpose to wrap your gifts. If you use plain paper, you can even let your kids add their artwork to the package. Paint or use markers beforehand, but crayon should be ok for most gifts that are already wrapped.

Reuse The Wrapping Paper, Bows, And Ribbons Your Receive

The gifts you receive may not be green wrapped, but you can still green what you receive.

  • Cloth ribbons are easy to recycle, but standard ribbon can often be used at least one more time.
  • Add tape to bows and reuse them time and time again.
  • Save large pieces of wrapping paper to wrap smaller gifts.
  • Save smaller pieces of wrapping paper and crumple it up to create texture wrapping paper.
  • Reuse any ribbon, string, cord, or wrapping and packaging for items you buy or receive in the mail.

Gift Boxes And Other Containers

Use decorative gift boxes, mason jars, aluminum tins, and any other packaging or containers to creatively wrap gifts.

These green gift wrapping ideas are excellent, but if you love the art of wrapping gifts, feel free to use any combination of green and non-green techniques above.

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