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Resolutions That Get You Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Resolutions That Get You Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Resolutions are goals we set, most often at the start of a new year, but can be set any time of the year. Instead of setting the same generic goals, why not consider some resolutions that get you out of your comfort zone?

Try Something New

Pull out your Bucket List and schedule in a few of the things you’ve never tried before, or sign up for a class in something you have always wanted to learn. There is no right or wrong—take a cooking class, go on an adventure excursion, learn an art or craft, or take a one-day seminar. Your options are endless.

Make One New Friend A Month

Many of us hang on to friends, sometimes after our common ground has long expired—simply because we haven’t made new friends. Set a new goal to make one new friend or acquaintance each month, who you make an ongoing effort to remain engaged with. By trying new things as mentioned above, it will be easy to make new friends.

Do Something Solo You Never Do Solo

Dine by yourself, take a solo vacation, go to the movies by yourself, head to a party or event, or do anything else you would normally do as a couple or with a friend—by yourself. Why? It will challenge you to appreciate your time in a new way, and sticking with the theme, open you up to being more sociable.

Resolutions that get out of your comfort zone challenge you to break the monotony or habits that keep you stuck.

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