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Minimalist Snobbery: Keeping Yourself In Check

Accidental Minimalist Snobbery

Minimalist snobbery, it’s something that many minimalists fall into—without realizing it has happened. Here is how to keep yourself in check.

Don’t Comment On Other People’s Spending Choices

We all define it differently, but the goal of minimal living is to live a life of intention, and to invest in things we love and which truly add value to our lives. What this looks like will vary from one minimalist to the next, and will vary drastically with your loved ones who aren’t minimalists. No matter how you look at it, the only spending choices you should weigh in on are your own.

We All Have Exceptions To The Rule

Whether it’s a coin or figurine collection you have been collecting since youth, your love of physical books, clothing, dining out, or a beloved hobby—we all have exceptions to the less is more rule. But then again, there are no rules and there are no minimalism police who will come and take your membership away. There is no membership.

It’s exciting when we identify a lifestyle or mindset change that works for us, but we must remember that what inspires us isn’t right for everyone, and that minimalist snobbery doesn’t help anyone.

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