Alternatives To Traditional Christmas Turkey

Alternatives To Traditional Christmas Turkey

Turkey is great, but you might be looking for something a bit different to serve this year. Maybe you are traveling and can’t find a turkey or are only cooking for a few people. You might also be looking to serve more than one main dish. Here are a few delicious alternatives to traditional Christmas turkey.

  1. Baked Glazed Ham
  2. Beef Wellington
  3. Lamb Chops
  4. Duck
  5. Goose
  6. Cornish Game Hens
  7. Pork Loin
  8. Whole Fish
  9. Lasagna or Stuffed Oversized Pasta Shells
  10. Whole Roasted Chicken

Try Turkey A New Way

If you enjoy turkey but are looking for a way to mix things up a bit, consider serving just turkey legs—or deep frying your turkey. Also, if dry turkey is an issue, try brining your turkey before you put it in the oven—or cooking in a turkey oven bag.

You Can Keep Your Side Dishes The Same

While you might be looking for a few alternatives to traditional Christmas dinner, you might not be looking for a complete change of menu. In most cases, your side dishes can remain the same. However, if you are going to do a stuffed pasta or lasagna, you might want to skip the mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes.

If you have vegetarians in attendance Tofurkey isn’t your only option. Consider vegan or vegetarian risotto with mushrooms, stuffed squash, vegetarian soufflé, or a meatless veggie pie.

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