What To Give Seniors Citizens For Christmas

What To Give Senior Citizens For Christmas

Shopping for grandma, grandpa, or any of the senior citizens on your list? Here are a few ideas for what to give senior citizens for Christmas.

  1. A handmade gift from the kids in the family.
  2. Clothing, non-slip house shoes, bathrobe, housedress, or an extra special clothing item they may not splurge on themselves.
  3. Stationery, stamps, or a mixed box of year-round cards.
  4. Gift cards to a local restaurant or anywhere they go frequently: grocery store, pharmacy, Uber or rideshare, etc.
  5. An outing, excursion, vacation, or membership to a senior group.
  6. Helpful household, safety, or personal care aides.
  7. Anything they won’t buy for themselves: expensive olive oil, perfume, cologne, bath and body products, tickets to the theater, etc.
  8. Games, cards, toys, at-home activities, or adult coloring books.
  9. Supplies for their favorite hobbies, arts and crafts, plants, gardening items, etc.
  10. Electronics for fun or that will keep them connected with loved ones: smartphone, desktop computer, laptop, notebook, electronic reader, smartphone tools, etc.

This list will help you select the perfect gift for seniors you don’t know all that well, as well as the seniors you know who may be too shy to ask for what they want. Now you know what to give senior citizens for Christmas!


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