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What To Put On Your Fitness Bucket List

Fitness Bucket List

Creating a Fitness Bucket List is an excellent alternative to setting New Year’s Resolutions. A Bucket List is also more likely to be both challenging and fun. Here are some ideas for both fitness fanatics or anyone who wants to set some measurable goals.

  1. Train for and complete a fitness challenge—such as a charity walk, marathon, triathlon, color run, obstacle course event, etc.
  2. Attend a health and fitness event—yoga retreat, one-day boot camp, event with a celebrity trainer, etc.
  3. Set a performance-related goal: target BMI, amount you can bench press, how long or far you can run, mastering an advanced yoga pose, flexibility goal, how long you can hold a plank, etc.
  4. Take a fitness holiday—week or weekend at a health spa, take an extreme sports vacation, go on a cycling tour, etc.
  5. Master, or at least try, a new type of fitness. You don’t even have to be specific, you just have to be open to trying something out-of-the box: balance board training, aqua athletics, dance classes, a new sport, cross-fit, or anything new to you.

There is no right or wrong, just set a few fun, challenging, and quantifiable goals—and add them to your Fitness Bucket List.

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