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Don’t Feel Bad About Regifting—How To Regift

How To Regift

As the gifts start pouring in from neighbors, acquaintances, clients, friends, and family—you are sure to receive at least a few gifts that aren’t quite your style or taste. It is, of course, the thought that counts, so you shouldn’t feel bad about regifting. Here is how to regift.

Keep A Detailed Gift List

I get a lot of gifts from clients, many of which are generic and perfect for year-round hostess gifts. While my clients are unlikely to notice when I regift, I keep a detailed gift list with all items I plan to pass along and who they came from. This ensures I don’t regift to the giver, or to anyone we are acquainted with.

What To Do With Gift Cards

If you receive a gift card or certificate to something you won’t use, head to an online gift card swap website. You can either trade your card, or cash it out for cash. Or, gift to someone who shops in the place the gift card is for.

Donate Or Give

You certainly don’t have to wait for a traditional gift-giving occasion to regift. Give to a friend or family member for any reason at all, give as a hostess gift, or let your besties dig through your regift bin. Also consider donating gifts to local thrift stores or charities, which you may even be able to claim as a tax write-off.

Now that you know how to regift you can ensure the thoughtful gifts you receive go to someone who will truly enjoy them.

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