How To Adopt A Positive Outlook On Life In 2018

Adopt A Positive Outlook

The New Year is time for a fresh start, making now the perfect time to adopt a positive outlook on life. Whether you’ve been down lately, or you simply want to find more joy in your day-to-day life—the tips below will help.

Stop Apologizing For The Little Things

If an apology is due, certainly take the time to make amends and provide a thoughtful and sincere apology. However, you no longer need to apologize for every little thing: for running 5 minutes late, not returning a call or text ASAP, your feelings, your appearance, or things that are entirely out of your control.

Adopt A Daily Habit Of Gratitude

There is no right or wrong, but find a daily gratitude habit that works for you. Yoga, meditation, a gratitude journal, positive affirmations, or any positive habit you can add to your daily routine.

Find 3 Positive Things About Every Negative Thing

When plans fall through (like they inevitably) or you find yourself faced with any type of challenge, actively find a positive. What you can learn? What have you learned from similar challenges? Most importantly, while it may seem as if a door is closing, another is opening. Look for that door!

Last but not least, feel what you feel then let it go. Consistency is the key to your new positive outlook on life, so make one positive change at a time and keep adding on new positive changes one at a time.

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