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Not Feeling The Christmas Spirit?

Not Feeling The Christmas Spirit?

Christmas is just a few days away but you aren’t alone if you are feeling a bit bah-humbug. Here are a few tips if you are not feeling the Christmas spirit.

Do Something Christmassy

Bake and decorate cookies, go on a light or holiday window tour, wrap Christmas gifts, listen to your favorite holiday songs, hang out with the little ones in your family who are eagerly awaiting Santa Claus, build a snowman, watch your favorite holiday movies, or any other Christmas activity that you enjoy but have yet to get around to this year.

Enjoy The Seasonal Cuisine

Give yourself permission to indulge, and even overindulge a bit, in your favorite holiday beverages, sweet treats, day-of dinner, and holiday leftovers. These are foods that you usually can’t find or don’t make year-round, so you must enjoy them now!

Give To Receive

Above and beyond the usual friends, family, colleagues, and clients on your gift list—now is the time to give to someone forgotten or in need. This could be your elderly neighbor, a local senior community, gifts for the local children’s hospital, or a donation to any local, nationwide, or global organization collecting gifts or donations.

Most importantly, take (or make rather) the time to unplug and lighten your schedule enough that you have the time to enjoy the holidays. If you are not feeling the Christmas spirit, it is something you can quickly turn around!

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