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The Downside Of Being Authentic

The Downside Of Being Authentic

Embracing authenticity may be initially uncomfortable, but is ultimately empowering. As free as you feel finally being, doing, and speaking as the true you there is a downside of being authentic.

Your Authenticity Will Make Many Uncomfortable

Being authentic has nothing to do with oversharing or being brutally honest, and everything to do with letting go of any sense of people pleasing and telling people only what they want to hear. Instead, you will answer questions thoughtfully, and with kindness to both yourself and others—but always putting your authentic truth first. This will be uncomfortable for many, especially the people pleasers in your life.

Many People Will Incorrectly Translate Your Authenticity

Embracing authenticity is breaking free of our conditioned responses in which we behave as a “respectable” man, woman, mother, father, son, daughter, husband, wife, or any other culturally acceptable personal or professional response. Since most people, particularly those you knew before your transition to authenticity, are still living in their culturally acceptable lies—they will often translate your authentic response as something other than face value. This often means believing that you are over or underexaggerating your life.

While there is a downside of being authentic, there are far more advantages to your new way of life. For example, you will begin to attract a whole new social circle of friends leading an authentic life.

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