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Take A Day Off To Relax

Take A Day Off: You Deserve It!

Whether you are reading this today on Christmas Day 2017 or any other day of the year, I urge you to sit back and take a day off to relax. If not today, plan a full day of absolutely nothing but R&R in the next week or two.

You Deserve It

I don’t know about you, but between work and play, most days I run from dusk till dawn. When I finally get a moment to myself it’s either spent catching up on housework, phone calls, and emails. You deserve a scheduled break, a full unplugged day of silence.

It Will Feel Like More Than A Day

Most of us are constantly connected, checking our phone as many as 75 times per day—adding up to as much as 5 hours a day. As busy as this keeps you on the day-to-day, it will make your time off feel even more profound. If you have ever intentionally unplugged for even an hour or two you will notice the time-optimizing effects of being unplugged. So, just one day of being unplugged may feel like more than a single day.

So, take a day off to relax this week or next. One day here and there won’t be as challenging as it may at first sound, but the positive impact is well worth clearing your schedule!

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