Mini Post-Holiday Detox

Easy Post-Holiday Detox

We all indulge a bit more than usual during the holiday season, of which we only have New Year’s left. While you are still grazing on your Christmas leftovers and may still be planning on a few cocktails to ring in the New Year—you can start a mini post-holiday detox now.

Hydrating And Cleansing Fluids

Make sure you are getting your 64 ounces of hydrating fluids each day, more on the days you will be drinking more than a glass or two of wine or seasonal cocktails. In addition, drink hot or cold unsweetened green tea in the morning and early afternoon—just not too late since it is caffeinated. Drink a detoxifying tea before bedtime, such as a ginger tea or warm water with the juice of half a lemon, honey, or mint.

Bentonite Clay

If you have been eating more sugar and processed foods than usual, bentonite clay will bind to and remove much of the heavy metal and toxins in your colon and digestive tract. It will also help to alkalize your body. Don’t overdo the clay, and just take one-half or one full teaspoon mixed in water once each day. Drink 2 hours after eating, or in the morning 1 hour before you eat. Do not take right before or after overindulging or drinking anything other than water.

This mini post-holiday cleanse will help you get back on track as the New Year begins!

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