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Get Your Ducks In A Row

Finally Get Your Ducks In A Row

Whether you need to organize your home, complete a large project, or achieve one of your 2018 resolutions—you first must get your ducks in a row.

Set Your Goal

The first step must be to set a clear, specific, and measurable goal. This should include a timeline with many milestones along the way. The larger the goal, the more milestones you must set.

Rework Your Current Schedule

The fact of the matter is, most goals will require you to create time in your schedule for your new priority. This can be tricky because most of us are already overcommitted. Make sure you prioritize healthy things such as sleep, exercise, socialization, and healthy eating—and minimize some of the areas you feel spread too thin. At the very least, delegate tasks that don’t have to be done by you.

Set The Stage For Success

Aside from time, you will also need to determine what else you will need to succeed. This will vary from one goal to the next:

  • If you are reorganizing your home or office, investing in organization accessories.
  • If you are committing to a healthy new lifestyle invest in the kitchen gadgets, workout attire, nutritional supplements, and fitness memberships.
  • If you have set an interpersonal goal, invest in the books, online courses, and live seminars that support your goals.
  • If you want to reduce stress sign up for yoga, schedule a weekly massage, make your bedroom more conducive to sleep, and learn some easy breathing exercises.

If there are many areas of your life that need to be reorganized or improved upon, prioritize your goals and finally get your ducks in a row!

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