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Are You Suffering From A Technology Addiction?

Signs Of A Technology Addiction

There is almost no way around using technology on a daily basis. From your day-to-day job duties to both personal and professional communication, and entertainment. But when does it cross the line and become a technology addiction?

If No Tech Makes You Feel Anxious

If the thought of unplugging for a few hours makes you anxious, and a full day unplugged is absolutely out of the question—your dependence on technology may be problematic.

Your Tech Keeps You Up At Night

If you are unable to turn off your alerts at night, if you wake up in the middle of the night to game or check your phone, or you stay up most of the night connected, you may have an addiction.

Your Social Life Is Suffering

If gaming, online chatting, surfing the web, social media, and cyber researching the people you know is keeping you from engaging in person it is time for a serious reevaluation. Also, if you would rather engage electronically than in person—particularly with your closest friends and family.

There are many different types of technology additions and a steady rise in cyberstalking in individuals who do not engage in offline stalking. Keep yourself in check by ensuring technology is not interfering with your work, sleep, or social life. If it is, start scheduling smartphone, internet, and gaming free-times during each day.

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