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Minimalism Where Do You Begin?

Minimalism: Where Do You Begin?

If you have decided that 2018 is the year to embrace a simpler lifestyle with full-on or minimalism inspired habits—you may not be sure where to begin. These tips will help.

The Major Purge

It all begins with a major purge. If you are downsizing to a smaller home or apartment, take advantage of the move to prioritize your belongings. Otherwise, go room-by-room over the next few weeks (or months if you have a large home) and donate, sell, or recycle the things that don’t support your new lifestyle. This is the perfect time to host a garage sale or give gifts to friends who will appreciate what you have now deemed as excess. Once complete, move forward with the one in, one out rule.

Reinvest In Quality

As you learn to live with less you will understand the need for quality more than ever before. This often means that you will need to make a few new investments and that while your ongoing purchases may be fewer—that you will spend more on the things you love, and items with a longer lifespan.

Adopt Project 333

Clothing and accessories are often a challenge for those new to minimalism, but adopting Project 333 will help.

Last but not least, remember that minimalism is about intention, not deprivation—so yes, you can keep your book collection, artwork, or personal mementos.

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