Wealth—It Has Less To Do With Income Than You Might Think

Wealth Has Little To Do With Income

David Bach’s Latte Factor® is helping many adults rethink their relationship with money and their definition of wealth.

Food Is A Necessity That Most Of Us Spend Way Too Much On

We need to eat three times a day, ideally with a snack in-between. However, the average American spends over $200 a month eating out, and over $60 a month on café coffee—for some this number is much higher. While dining out often doubles as social time, both of these areas can easily be slashed—and applied to savings or debt.

Impulse Purchases

Amazon and eBay sales, music downloads, streaming movies and TV shows, gaming upgrades—these can really add up. But there are many more impulse purchases. While you must not stop reading, many of the books you purchase full price can instead be purchased as an eBook or used book for a small fraction of the cost—or checked out at your library. Many libraries even let you check out eBooks! Magazines purchased while standing in line, cost significantly less if you invest in an annual subscription—as in 12 for the price of 2 purchased on impulse. And never go grocery shopping without a list, or when you are ravenous and sure to buy more.


Stop and think before you upgrade your smartphone, laptop, or other electronic gadgets. And most of us are overspending on our smartphone plans, cable, internet, and other utilities. And utilize the internet to comparison shop for just about everything while in store.

Every $10 or $20 here or there will quickly multiply without increasing your actual income.

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