What Is All The Buzz About K-Beauty?

What's All The Buzz About K-Beauty?

It’s a skincare and beauty secret Korean women have turned to for generations, that is now taking the world by storm. So, what is all the buzz about K-beauty and does it really work?

Custom Skincare Solutions

Unlike many beauty brands who suggest the same products for every age group or skin type, customization is the key to success with Korean skincare products. Ideally, you want to go to a dermatologist or skin care specialist who specializes in K-beauty. Otherwise, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the options, brands, and order of steps.

Yes, There Are Steps

K-beauty regimens may sound overwhelming at first, but they really aren’t that time consuming. Between cleansing, toning, serums, masks, and lotions expect at least 3 steps in the morning—and as 5 to 10 steps at night. But don’t worry the layering of products can easily be worked into your nighttime routine.

Innovative Ingredients

One of the many reasons that Korean skincare has taken the world by storm is because it works! Expect to utilize multiple K-beauty brands, with innovative ingredients such as sheep wool wax, snail mucus, or bee venom.

If you aren’t ready to commit to a full K-beauty regimen, at least invest in a few hydrating sheet masks. They work so well that they may convince you to make the move!

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