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Ready To Cut The Caffeine In Your Diet?

Cut The Caffeine

There are many reasons you may be trying to cut the caffeine in your diet. Maybe your daily coffee and energy drinks are keeping you up at night, making you jittery, or simply making too large a dent in your budget. Here’s how to decaffeinate.

Do It Gradually

Going cold turkey won’t just leave you craving caffeine, but may leave you with withdrawal headaches. Cut the caffeine by 25% one week at a time until you are down to your desired intake. Also, stop drinking caffeine at least 6 hours before bedtime.

Find Alternatives

If budgeting or sugar and caloric intake is part of your reason for cutting the caffeine in your diet, find a few alternatives to your favorite cafe coffee. For example, matcha green tea, espresso, green or black tea, or even a “dirty” tea latte.


If you are used to drinking coffee all day long, then it is an essential part of your daily hydration. To ensure you remain adequately hydrated replace the coffee you always have in hand with non-caffeinated tea, decaf coffee, water, and other sugar-free beverages.

It won’t be as hard as you think, but it will take some self-control!

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