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Give Yourself The Gift Of Forgiveness

The Gift Of Forgiveness

Holding on to past hurts, disappointments, or mistakes wastes energy you could be investing somewhere more productive. Here is how to give yourself the gift of forgiveness.

Forgive And Let Go—But Don’t Forget

Whether you made a mistake and are still beating yourself up, are holding on to anger, or can’t stop replaying a hurt or let down—the only person you are hurting is yourself. While you must get to a place of forgiveness, you don’t have to forget, and you don’t have to hold onto unhealthy relationships. Learn from your mistake or theirs, and don’t allow the same behavior in the future. If needed, provide a genuine apology to others, but do not expect them to forgive you.

Move Forward

You may not realize it, but until you let go—you can not move forward with a whole heart. While you must use this as an opportunity to learn and grow, don’t allow yourself to dwell for too long. The tricky part is, sometimes we don’t realize that we have yet to, or that we even need to forgive. Also, you must learn not to sweat the small stuff. We are all human and make mistakes.

Be compassionate with yourself and others. This is easier said than done but will open your heart to the joy you deserve. Give yourself the gift of forgiveness today!

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