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Minimalist Design: How To Tell What You Need

Minimalist Design

Whether you are a full-on minimalist, or you simply enjoy the clean look of minimalist design, you may not be sure where to begin—or how to determine what you need. These tips will help.

Determine Your Needs For Each Room

While the goal is to remain sparse, you still need each room to function. To help you determine what to look for when you head out shopping, consider the needs of each room. For example, do you need a home office area in your living room, and how many people do you need to seat when entertaining?

Create A Room Mockup

Whether you use an interior design tool or a very basic hand-drawn sketch—create a mockup for each room. This should include the layout and what items of furniture you are looking for, as well as basic shapes and measurements. Use this as a guide when shopping, but with the innovative furniture options on the market today—remain open to switching things up.

Don’t Try To Get Everything At Once

Your furniture staples shouldn’t be rushed or impulsive purchases. Take your time, browse through lots of online and offline retailers, and local furniture makes to help make your decision. Save your accessories and art for last, picking up only a handful of things you love along the way.

Last but not least, decide on your color scheme before you head out shopping.

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