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Standing At Work All Day May Be Worse Than Sitting All Day

Why Standing At Work Is Bad For You

Jobs that require you to sit all day have been deemed as unhealthy as smoking an entire pack of cigarettes each day. However, standing at work all day has now been proven to be worse than sitting all day.

Why Standing Is So Unhealthy

Our bodies are meant to move, so a job that requires minimal sitting, walking, or movement drastically increases the risk for heart disease. Jobs that require you to stand also increase your risk of varicose veins, back pain, and clogged arteries.

How To Minimize Your Risks

If you work in a job that requires lots of standing and minimal movement, there are several ways to reduce the unhealthy risks of standing all day:

  • Invest in quality shoes and/or insoles.
  • Talk to your employer about anti-fatigue floor mats.
  • Consciously make more mini-movements while work: shifting weight from one side or another, changing your stance, etc.
  • Do heel kicks, calf raises, and a few standing leg lifts a few times an hour to help increase circulation.
  • Take all of your breaks, and use them to stretch, walk, or rest.
  • Workout or at least stretch after work.
  • If possible, alternate between your seated desk and standing.
  • Switch positions throughout the day to one that allows for more movement or a bit of sitting.
  • Get a weekly massage.
  • Perform myofascial release.

There may be no way around standing at work, but you can at least minimize the negative impact it has on your health and body.

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