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Traveling With Dietary Restrictions

Traveling With Dietary Restrictions

Dietary restrictions can make traveling a challenge, but with a bit of planning ahead—you can visit the places you really want to go. Whether you are vegan, gluten-free, diabetic, lactose intolerant or have a severe food allergy—these tips will help.

Research The Local Food

You may be pleasantly surprised to find that many countries have much healthier and far less processed fresh foods than in the states. Depending on your allergy or restriction some places will be trickery to travel to. For example, heading to Italy with a gluten allergy can be tricky—but you will always be able to find a risotto dish. You can even select your travel destination with your diet in mind. For example, traveling to India is easy for vegetarians and vegans. Either way, aim to find at least 5 common main dishes you can eat.

Book Accommodations With A Kitchen

Even if you prepare snacks and one meal a day, it can go a long way in keeping you fueled with the healthy nutrients your body and diet requires.

Call Ahead

Head online to identify restaurants and grocery stores that cater to your dietary restrictions, but also call ahead to your hotel to request a list of local spots—or to confirm that they can accommodate your restrictions.

Translate Your Restrictions

Most importantly, when traveling with dietary restrictions you must make sure that you know how to translate and pronounce your exact restriction or allergy. If possible keep a printed copy you can share with your waiter, or share on your smartphone screen. These tools will help:


All that being said, enjoy the local food as much as possible—and ditch your diet while vacationing.

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