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Is Your Fear Of Commitment A Fear Of Conflict?

Fear Of Conflict And Commitment

There are all sorts of things we can commit to in life, personal relationships, professional responsibilities, extracurricular activities, and intimate relationships. There are many reasons why you may consciously or subconsciously avoid commitment, but is your fear of commitment a fear of conflict?

You Would Rather Let Things Go Than Share How You Feel

If you are constantly holding yourself back from sharing how you feel about things, even little things like where you want to go for lunch—then you may have an extreme fear of conflict and commitment.

You Go Out Of Your Way To Please Others Or Avoid Others

If you go to great lengths to avoid contact with others, your fear of commitment is more related to your fear of commitment. On the flipside, if you have become a people pleaser you are wasting your valuable energy avoiding the fear of disagreement or displeasing others.

You Are In A Constant State Of Anxiety

There are many factors that may be contributing to your constant anxiety, one of which may be your overwhelming desire to avoid conflict. This includes the anger you may feel for yourself.

By minimizing your commitment and relationships with others you lessen the likelihood of conflict. However, this is in exchange for a lonely and inauthentic lifestyle. Instead of suffering in silence, start sharing your opinion on minor things. If someone disagrees, don’t take it personally.

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