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Why Ridesharing Is Environmentally Friendly

Why Ridesharing Is Environmentally Friendly

With the growing trend of ditching your car and taking advantage of ridesharing, the question of the environmental impact comes to mind. Here is why ridesharing is environmentally friendly.

You Will Utilize A Solo Ride Less Often

While your Uber or taxi must drive to you or your short-term car rental is still solo driving, which some view as canceling out the environmental benefits of ridesharing—when you ditch your car you will ride solo less often. You will look for more opportunities to carpool, take public transportation, walk, cycle, and combine errands that require a car.

Fewer Cars Means Less Congestion

The more people who embrace alternative transportation, the less traffic is on the roads and the less traffic on the roads—the less emissions caused by gridlock. Surprisingly, it doesn’t take a large percentage of drivers to see the benefits.

You Will Help Boost Your Local Economy

With more money in your pocket, and more time spent on foot you are more likely to not just shop locally—but to find more local restaurants and businesses you didn’t even know were there. This isn’t just good for the environment but will help boost the local economy.

Ridesharing is environmentally friendly, but if you can’t function without your car, aim for 1 day a week or 1 day a month car-free.

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