3 New Grains You Need To Try

Looking For Some New Grains?

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get bored with my side dish options—or simply struggle to find healthy options. To shake things up here are 3 grains you need to try.

Bulgur Wheat

It might not look like much in the package, but bulgur wheat is super tasty. Unlike some grains it is quite moist, and it’s an excellent source of protein. Add to soup, cook plain or stir in veggies or fresh herbs, or enjoy plain. Per its name, it’s not gluten-free.


If you have yet to give quinoa a try, now is the time. Available in red, black, or beige—each with a slightly different taste. Also, high in protein. Serve warm or cold, as a side dish or add-in. Quinoa is gluten-free.

Custom Grain Mix

One of my favorite ways to eat both my usual and my new grains is to create a custom mix. You can mix almost any grain together and cook in your rice cooker: rice (not instant), quinoa, oats (not instant), teff, amaranth, bulgur and more. You can even add lentils! I like to cook my grains in a veggie or chicken stock and stir in defrosted kale or spinach. You can also add herbs and spices.

Another great thing about grains is that you can cook them in bulk and they will keep for four days in an airtight container.

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