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It’s Easy To Grow Fresh Herbs

Grow Your Own Fresh Herbs

I had always loved the idea of having a window box herb garden or a few patio planters with some of my favorite fresh herbs, but never got around to planting one. After spending a few months on vacation in an apartment that had a patio herb garden—it’s now a necessity.

You Don’t Need Much

All my little garden had was rosemary, garlic chives, basil, and mint, with a full-on garden that gave me access to several more varieties of herbs. First, I started adding my garlic chives to almost everything I ate. Then, I found myself actively seeking out more ways to use the basil and mint—especially fresh pesto and mint infused water and tea. I’ll admit that I didn’t use the rosemary often, but it was nice to have fresh from time to time.

You Don’t Need To Have A Green Thumb

The great thing about either window box, potted, or outdoor herb gardens—is that you don’t need to have a green thumb to successfully grow fresh herbs. While you can plant from seed, you can also purchase miniature plants from your local plant and garden store, and maybe even from your local grocer. Care is minimal, requiring sunlight, water, and trimming away the leaves you don’t use as they begin to brown.

You can add your fresh herbs to your salads and main courses, you can dry them to use later, freeze in stock ice cubes for a delicious seasoning and more!

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