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Little Things That Lead To Weight Gain

Bad Habits That Lead To Weight Gain

It’s easy to blame our gradually slowing metabolism on the pounds that creep on over the years, but the truth is—you may have unknowingly developed a few unhealthy habits that contribute to your weight gain more than you realize. Here are a few habits to reconsider:

  1. You’ve transitioned to a job that requires more sitting than standing.
  2. Mindless snacking has become part of your daily routine.
  3. You aren’t drinking enough water.
  4. You are drinking too many of your calories and/or too much sugar: soda, café coffees, sweets with coffee, energy drinks, sports drinks, fake fruit beverages, etc.
  5. You have stopped playing the sports you love or participating in your weekly physical fitness.
  6. You aren’t getting enough sleep, therefore not giving your body time to heal and repair.
  7. You have become a couch potato after you get home for the day.
  8. You are eating out more, eating larger portions and eating more processed foods and less real foods.
  9. You skip meals, in turn snacking and overeating when it is time to eat.
  10. Stress has become a constant state of being, and stress eating has become a norm.

If even one or two of the habits above apply to you, they could be the major contributing factors of your weight gain. Some contribute to a few pounds a year, while others contribute to many pounds each year. With just a few small changes you can make some big changes.

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