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Living In The Past? Here’s How To Embrace The Present

Living In The Past

The what ifs, mistakes, regrets, and heartbreaking ways in which those we trust can break our hearts. If replaying past events has become a daily habit, you are wasting invaluable energy that should be invested in today. Here’s how to stop living in the past.

Create A Positive Alternative

For starters, adopt a positive alternative. For example, every time your mind starts wandering down negative memory lane repeat a present moment mantra or instead focus on an empowering past memory.

Be Grateful

Next time your past hurts have you feeling blue, write down at least 3 things you are currently grateful for. Then, spend a few minutes thinking about why.

Recall The Lesson

You might first need to find the lesson, but a quick friendly reminder as to what lessons hurtful past experience have taught you can be empowering.


Set your timer for 3 to 5 minutes, close your eyes, and repeat a series of positive words while breathing deeply. For example, peace, prosperity, and love. Focus on the words and your breath, and when your timer goes off your past memory will be back in the past where it belongs.

It will take time to break your cycle of negativity, but with consistency—not as long as you might think!

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