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Intrigued By Minimalism But Don’t Think It’s For You?

Intrigued By Minimalism?

You certainly aren’t alone if you find minimalism intriguing, but don’t think you could jump all in. As a self-proclaimed accidental minimalist, I used to think the exact same thing.

It Won’t Necessarily Happen Overnight

Most minimalists will tell you that it happened in phases of sorts. Nothing mapped out and specific, but once your mindset of priority and minimal consumption begins you may begin to make small changes without realizing it.

It Doesn’t Have To Be 100%

I still love clothing, handbags, shoes, and accessories—and certainly still have more than I need. That being said, I have less than before. In other words, I am far more mindful and intentional when I shop—and can say that I am truly excited for every new item I add to my wardrobe.

Small Changes Will Make A Big Difference

Your spouse and kids may not be interested in joining you in making a few changes, and that is ok. You can still make intentional changes in your life—which will make a big difference for you. And who knows, it might wear off on those around you.

And if you find minimalism intriguing and never adopt any minimalist changes that’s ok too.

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