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Is Your Mindfulness Coloring Stressing You Out?

Do You Find Mindfulness Coloring Stressful?

If you have tried to jump on the mindfulness coloring trend but find it to be more stressful than meditative—rethink your approach.

There Is No Right Or Wrong

You pick a color to fill in a section of the flower, leaf, or intricate design you are working on—but now you are stressed because it’s not the right shade. This presents an excellent opportunity to not sweat the small stuff. There is no right or wrong, and the mixing and matching is part of the fun.

You Can’t Stay Between The Lines

If you have a hard time coloring between the intricate lines of your design, not to worry—as life is not meant to be lived inside the lines! If it’s super problematic, switch to a different type of coloring instrument. For example, from gel pens to colored pencils. Or only color in large shapes.

You Can’t Finish One Page

Mindfulness coloring books are packed full of tons of tiny design elements, and one page can take hours to complete. One day you may start on some trees, and the next time you color you may not be in the mood for trees. That’s ok, just color what inspires you.

The longer it has been since you have had an inspired creative outlet, the more challenging it may be to embrace coloring. If it helps, randomly pick a page and randomly pick a colored pen or pencil—then focus your intention on filling in shapes, and not the big picture.

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