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Is Mindless Snacking More Of Your Caloric Intake Than You Realize?

Is Mindless Snacking Ruining Your Diet?

As dedicated as you may be too healthy eating during your main meals of the day, your mindless snacking could be sabotaging your dietary goals. Here are a few ways to measure your snacking habits.

Keep A Food Journal

Writing down what you eat or tracking your caloric intake in a food app is an excellent way to see what you are truly consuming on a daily basis. When you add in snacks, which you may not be giving much weight, it could be quite more than you realize.

Start Bringing Your Snacks With

Between the snacks that pop up in the breakroom at work, vending machines, impulsive purchases at the coffee shop—you may be snacking when you aren’t even hungry. Bring healthy snacks with you like nuts and dried fruit, and snack on that instead.

Savor Your Food

Recommit to enjoying every tasty bite of the food and snacks you eat, instead of just mindlessly finishing off the jumbo-sized bag of chips you are eating. With intention, you will eat less and enjoy your food more.

Mindless snacking will still happen from time to time, but you can greatly reduce the frequency.

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